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All the latest news, reviews, and stories about books.. You can browse or search the full text of articles and reviews.. This is a place to share your thoughts about books.. Articles and reviews. Become a member JULIA ANDERSON _THE UNDERMINER_ _A BIRD DOES NOT HUNT AT MIDNIGHT_ In December 2002, I began a long correspondence with a 16-year-old boy who had an unusual request. He asked that I cast an eye over a very old novel, written in 1797 and set in rural England. The novel was called _The Underminer_, and the boy was John Anderson, from Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk. He wrote that he'd been raised on a farm in the area, that he was now in his last year at school, and that his parents were separating. He knew that he had one sister, because his mother was married to another man. But his sister had not been the right age to play with; he wanted me to find her instead. She was not the typical Anderson, and he didn't know where she was. I had no idea what to say to him. I've never done this kind of thing. His letter came at a time when I was struggling with a bad case of the flu. My eyes were red, and my head was aching. I told him I'd have a look. I was surprised to find that the novel was in a good, readable condition. Anderson had placed it under a large stone, on a grassy bank in the garden, where it had been sheltered from the winter rains. It was wrapped in a purple velvet cloth with no name on the cover, and it had no markings. The pages were brittle and folded in half, as if a book binder had been through it. It took me a long time to find this novel, but it was worth the search. Anderson writes like someone who has been reading books since he was a child: his language is precise, his grammar perfect. The novel is about a man who learns to hunt at night, and who, at the novel's end, is content to follow the same path that led to his death. In his writing, he manages to express his love of nature and his love for poetry. The only thing I was able to do for the boy was to send a description of his missing




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